Setup ImageJ Plugin Development in NetBeans

Based on

1. Download Netbeans and ImageJ Source

2. Extract ImageJ Sources

3. In Netbeans, ‘File->New Project..’

4. Select ‘Java Free-Form Project’

5. Select root Directory which has build.xml

6. Build and Run Actions : Just ‘Next’

7. Add ‘ij’ and ‘plugins’ to Source Package Folders and ‘Finish’

8. Delete, or comment, line 12 () in source/build.xml
9. Build IJ (It will generate IJ.jar)
10. ImageJ->Properties

11. Java Sources Classpath -> Source Package Folder (ij) -> Add JAR -> Select ij.jar

12. Same thing in plugin

13. Right click on the plugins folder and go to New>Java Class…
14. Write or paste your plugin into the Java Editor window.

15. Go to Build>Compile “(The name of your plugin)”
16. Click “Generate”
17. In the ide-file-targets.xml file in nbproject directory, change “${build.classes.dir}” to “plugins” in line 9

18. Delete line 8 in the ide-file-targets.xml file
19. Select your plugin from the ImageJ Project tree
20. Go to Build>Compile “(The name of your plugin)”
21. Go to Run>Debug Main Project (ImageJ will run. The plugin you created will be in the plugins menu)

* Plugin Class name should be ended as ‘_’ (underscore) to appear in ‘plugin’ menu of ImageJ…


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